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Our solutions encompass research, marketing, outreach, and screening. You choose your level of need and we execute.


Research and Outreach

You know the type of person you need to fill your role. We get more specific, find those people for you and reach out to them to build interest in your open positions.

PRICE: $8 - $15 / Candidate Contact

(pricing based on research required, 3 contact attempts per prospect, 100 candidate minimum)

Warm Lead Targeting

You have a group of candidates, possibly former applicants sitting in your ATS/RMS. You simply need someone to reach out to those warm leads for you to have them consider a new role. We call, email, or connect on LinkedIn for you to turm your warm pool of candidates into a successful group of new employees.

PRICE: $5 - $10 / Candidate Contact

(pricing based on methods of contact required, 3 contact attempts per prospect, 200 candidate minimum that may encompass multiple roles at your discretion)

Marketing and Screening

We market your job for you, screen every applicant, and provide you with a shortlist so you only interview and choose from the best candidates.

PRICE: $1,000 / month / job

(based on an annual agreement)

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